Welcome to Precision Agronomics

Precision Agronomics Australia (PAA) is a truly unique business that was formed in 2005 with the vision to close the Precision Agriculture loop and ensure farmers obtain profit and production gains through the implementation of variable rate technology (VRT).

We are a professional consultancy business, specialising in precision farming practices. PAA consists of agronomy consultants and precision farming specialists servicing the whole of Western Australia.  The PAA approach to Precision Ag is to provide a service that integrates the three essential components critical to the success of implementing VRT as shown below:

  • Data Collection & Processing

    Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 10.59.38 amWe provide specialist Dual Electromagnetic (EM) and Gamma-radiometric (GR) data collection & processing services which can be used to identify and manage soil variability.Read more…

  • Consultation & Prescriptions

    Quenten and RossWe can provide in-house agronomy consultation services or work alongside your existing agronomist to interpret soil data and create suitable prescription files to help optimise your yield potential.Read more…

  • Machinery Implementation

    Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 11.00.53 amWe’re able to adapt your existing equipment and provide onsite Variable Rate conversions to Air Seeders, Spreaders and Sprayers for any control & delivery systems you use.
    Read more…