Our Partners

Our Partners

Precision Agronomics works with a network of independent Agronomy partners to assist data interpretation and the creation of prescription maps that optimise yield potential.

Agronomy Focus

Agronomy Focus is an Esperance based Agronomy consulting business run by Quenten Knight. Quenten started PAA in 2005, selling his stake in the business in March 2018 and going on to start Agronomy Focus. Agronomy Focus has a wealth of experience and has been a leader in the implementation of Variable Rate and the use of EM and Gamma soil survey tools. Agronomy Focus continues to work closely with PAA.

Precision Cropping Technologies

Precision Agronomics Australia and Precision Cropping Technologies (PCT) have worked closely together over the past 10 years. PCT develop and sell the AgCloud cloud based Agronomy platform that is used by PAA for data processing, visualisation and analytics.

Precision Terrain Solutions

Precision Terrain Solutions provide solutions for landforming and agricultural water management. PAA uses PTS’ T3RRA Cutta Pro software to enable growers to form paddock terrain into precise contours that maximise production.