Plant Vision NVDI System launched

Plant Vision NVDI System launched

Innovative Western Australian based company Precision Agronomics Australia (PAA) continues to build on its portfolio of i4M machine control and sensing technologies.

PAA’s core product is the i4M variable rate controller and machine monitoring system.

“Cost effective and easy to use Variable Rate control systems have always been our core focus and there are now 150 users of i4M in Australia. In addition to this core focus, we’ve also been interested in how to collect valuable data from the field as machines carry out day-to-day tasks”, said Matthew Roesner, PAA Director.

“The new Plant Vision system allows exactly that, collecting biomass data as a spreader or sprayer moves around the field” added Matthew.

Developed by PAA in partnership with UK Agronomy Company, Hutchinsons, Plant Vision is a lightweight biomass sensing system that can be fitted to all types of machinery to record crop vigour on-the-go.

The lightweight sensors are easily installed on any spray boom or spreader. Data is collected by a control unit mounted on the implement and then streamed via Wi-FI to a tablet app running in the machine cab.

Operation is straight forward, the operator simply powers up the system and presses the start button on the tablet in the cab. The sensors are pre-calibrated and no complex field calibration and setup is required.

“The data that is collected can be either processed automatically using the Amino Cloud Service, or alternatively supplied via the i4M server in a generic file format that can be read by third party Agronomy software.”

“Over the past few years we’ve seen a proliferation of cheap Satellite imagery services that offer biomass NVDI data to the grower. The key benefit of Plant Vision is that the imagery can be collected at any time as part of a general farming operation, even on a cloudy day when satellites can’t get a clear view of the field”

A Plant Vision system can also be used to quickly ground truth satellite data for a better understanding of crop rigour.

Automating the data processing step means that the grower has immediate access to the biomass data and there is no lag whilst satellite images are processed. As soon as the machine finishes in the paddock and uploads the data, it is available online, providing valuable insight into crop health.

The Plant Vision system is supplied with flexible mounting brackets and wiring solutions to suit different machine layouts.

In Australia, the Plant Vision system has been tested on Cereal, Pasture and Horticultural crops.

For more details on Plant Vision visit or call 08 9072 0542