Production Packages – Yield Data and Biomass Imagery

Production Packages – Yield Data and Biomass Imagery

Are you a grower who is unsure of how to handle Yield Data captured from your harvester each year? How do you use this valuable data stream to better understand what is limiting your crop yields? And what about the calibration of the yield data?

Precision Agronomics Australia have a wealth of experience in the collection, calibration and processing of yield data.

Using our new production packages, a grower gets yield data processed and calibrated. After this step the yield maps are made available to view online or on an iPad through PCT’s Agcloud software.

The production package also includes the supply of biomass imagery through Agcloud. During the growing season, satellite images are used to monitor the growth of a crop providing a real time opportunity for timely crop management decisions, the creation of variable rate N maps and detection of pest and diseases.

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