Gamma Radiometrics

Gamma_1Radiometric machines measure gamma ray emissions from the natural radioactive decay of elements within rocks and soil, in particular the emissions from isotopes of Potassium, Thorium and Uranium. Radiometric measurements can be taken simultaneously with the Dual EM collection. The gamma radiometric results add to the Dual EM data as the machine allow us to help determine with greater accuracy changes in soil type where low electrical conductivity levels exist.Soils types that really benefit from this additional measurement are those predominately sandy to sandy gravel soils, have a very low clay content and do not have high water holding capacity.The Electromagnetic map highlights the very low Electrical Conductivity (EC) variability.

Gamma_2The Thorium map in the same area shows major soil type change from gravel (dark blue) through to deep sand (Orange).

Gamma_Ray_SpectrometerUnderstanding the geographic boundaries of this change helps us to manage inputs based on potential crop variability.