Equipment Services and Product Support

PAA performs onsite equipment services including Variable Rate Upgrades to Air Seeders, Spreaders and Sprayers. These are not limited to any particular brands of equipment or control and delivery systems. All attempts are made to utilize grower’s existing GPS and control system equipment.

ESPS2Favorable results are achieved through familiarity of operation and simple reliable installations. When required, interface controllers and adaption systems are designed and build in house, providing custom solutions to suit individual requirements. Growers have direct access to those responsible for these tasks, allowing the right advice and information to be obtained as needed.


muck spreaderSpreader conversions are not limited to trailed machines. Many truck mounted and three point linkage spreaders can also be converted to perform accurate VRT tasks.


ESPS3Our most popular installation provides the tractor with Variable Rate Capabilities. This provides a large number of benefits to growers, best of all – it reduces the cost of the overall installation, and this single VRT system can control multiple implements. Talk to us find out about the benefits this system offers!


ESPS4PAA provides in house design and installation services for many types of mapping, including product yield and product applications. Again, all attempts are made to utilize growers existing GPS and mapping equipment to reduce costs and improve familiarity with each system. Talk to us about your specific needs for product mapping, installations and post processing can be tailored to meet your requirements and budget.



ESPS5Application control systems can be set to log in field tasks as they happen. Data can assist to provide a clear picture of events during a cropping program. Post task analysis can be performed to various degrees on most forms of application data.


ESPS6PAA can provide training and assistance to familiarize operators with installations and VRT setup. Reliable applications can be achieved by simplifying procedures in field. Equipment simplification is a key factor to reduce errors and improve productivity, a focus of all PAA installations.