TerraBase – your entry to VRT

TerraBase™ is our entry-level data product for medium to low rainfall environments, and will give you the best start at Variable Rate Technology. This package consists of the following data layers, software features and complementary support:

  • Four layers of airborne gamma radiometrics (ɣ-Potassium, ɣ-Thorium, ɣ-Uranium ɣ-Total Count)
  • Five years of Landsat™ satellite biomass (selected from the last 10 years)
  • One year of yield data[1]
  • Paddock boundaries[2]
  • Georeferenced soil data[1][2]
  • Advanced VA Gateway software features that enable easy interrogation and analysis of multiple data layers, strip trial implementation and analysis and conversion of image data into prescriptions (see http://pct-ag.com/services/solution/agronomic-solutions/)
  • Summary report identifying VRT management zones for products of interest
  • Two hours complementary phone/online support to get the data from your computer into your VRT-ready screen and going

About the data

The airborne gamma radiometrics data has been surveyed by various companies on line spacings up to 500m and processed to an 80m grid, which we then resample at 10m. This data has a 75% correlation with ground-based measurements (see below).

Hyde airborne vs ground TC

The satellite biomass (NDVI) data consists of one image per year, captured at peak spring biomass. Data is resampled from 25m pixels down to 10m, split into paddocks and named according to crop type.

We will enter your existing georeferenced soil data and paddock boundaries into the Visionag Gateway software, provide a basic level of data analysis, create management zones and support you in getting prescriptions running in your tractor.


This package is only available for a minimum area of 1000ha. Call us for a quote or contact us for more details.


[1] Depending on availability of data. Additional years of yield data processed at a rate of 72c/ha. Additional fees for header matching. Contact us for a quote on soil sampling and analysis

[2] As supplied by client or third party service provider, call us for details.